When you reach the eighth square, you'll be queen.

I’m leaving on Sunday.


I’m totally kidding, it’s just for three weeks. I was accepted into the Missouri Scholars Academy (June 10th - June 30th, and I’m only getting access to e-mail. Besides, even if I did get on tumblr, knowing my luck, my dash would be littered with porn.

I don’t know, I guess that’s frowned upon or something.

But anyway, it would be really really cool if none of you unfollowed me because I just broke 50. That sounds really sad, but that’s a big number for me!

And now that I’ve made a formal announcement, you should all be plagued by guilt if you even think about leaving me behind.

You’re welcome. :)

My queue is still operating, although right now, it will only last a week and a half. :/

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